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8th april 2021

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An amazing challenge open to all cyclists and sports enthusiasts from all over the world who can take part for free in the first Virtual Cycling race to be held in Sardinia on 8 April 2021. 

The Virtual Race "Giro Autunno in Barbagia" takes place over a 30 km route in Real Life Video. It starts in Nuoro and continues along the picturesque SP58 road to the village of Orgosolo and then along the SP22 road until it reaches Mamoiada. 

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The Virtual Race will take place on the Rouvy AR platform available for all the following devices:

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • Apple Tv

  • Smart phones o tablets 

To participate you need: 

  • the Rouvy AR application (downloadable here)

  • a bike placed on a compatible interactive roller (see list of compatible devices)


You can also participate with:

  • a bike placed on a non-interactive roller (equipped with sensors) or on a classic roller with cadence, speed and power sensors (the latter optional) attached to the bike

  • a bike placed on a non-interactive, sensorless roller or spinbike in 'WATCHER' mode


Please refer to the complete technical guide for detailed information on the necessary equipment and how to participate.

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Registration for the race is free of charge. To take part in the race you will need to register on the ENDU platform and on the ROUVY platform, which will take just a few minutes. 

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Autunno in Barbagia

In 1996 The City Council of Oliena organized an event called ‘Cortes apertas’ or ‘Open courts’: The historic homes of the town open their backyards to a gastronomic and artistic journey. Straight away the idea and its set up seemed to be pretty successful. The project ‘Heart of Sardinia’ was created in 1997 and one of its activities is the ‘Cortes apertas’, which continues to be successful in different towns. In 2001, some city councils and the Chamber of Commerce decided to start a joint project, which would allow the opportunity for other towns to join the group. This is how the Autunno in Barbagia name was born, a promotional window to showcase Sardinia hinterland, careful keeper of the knowledge and tastes of undisputed value, aiming to promote the excellent products and tangible and intangible traditions, of the people living there. In this window become an opportunity for experiential buying: seeing how cheese is produced, tasting it and then buying it. It's something everyone really likes. The Chamber of Commerce and its Azienda Speciale have always taken care of the coordination and management of the group, which brings together 27 to 28 towns each year, while the organisation of each event is run by the City Council Administrator.

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